Morwenna is Named

On 5 April, 2009 Morwenna was named by the former Gloucester and England wicketkeeper, Jack Russell. It was a warm day and the crowd of close to 500 people enjoyed the event, the music and the circus acts. Hopefully, the photos below will bring back good memories for those attended, and give a glimpse of the fun for those who missed it.


On 16 March, 2009 Morwenna was lifted into the water and the mast was stepped. It was a beautiful, sunny day and the process went without a hitch. Photos from the day can be seen below.

Morwenna was built at Underfall yard, in Bristol, by John Raymond - Barker and his team (  Building a Pilot Cutter takes a long time and, in this case, the project took over 2 ½ years to complete from inception.

She was designed by Ed Burnett, one of the UK’s leading naval architects ( Morwenna’s development was organic, with improvements and changes being made as problems became apparent and required solving.  The end result is an attractive and solid boat with a layout designed for safety and comfort.

The following clip was filmed in January 2009 and you can see the fantastic progress.

The clip below was filmed in early October and shows the build progressing well, we will be adding further clips when Morwenna is nearer to completion.


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